Don’t Let Dental Phobia Ruin Your Oral Health

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Dental phobia is a common fear that plagues millions of Americans. Estimates say that 5 to 8 percent of Americans avoid going to the dentist because they are afraid. Here at Robert Rust Jr., DMD, we strive to make you feel safe. We understand that dental phobia is a common issue for many patients and we take the necessary efforts to insure a safe and comfortable experience.

Dr. Robert Rust is specially trained to provide exceptional care to patients plagued with dental phobia. Some of the things we do to ensure that the patients are calm and comfortable are:

We make our office as non-threatening as possible. When you come into Robert Rust Jr., DMD, you will see how hard we work to make you forget that you are at a dental appointment.

We make sure our patients feel valued—not like they are just another treatment case in a chair. Our patient’s’ feelings are real and we take that seriously.

Dr. Robert Rust takes the time to explain what the patient will feel and how long those feelings will last. Patients are also frequently asked for the permission to continue treatment.

Dental phobia not only plagues its victims with the fear of the dentist, but it can also lead to poor oral health due to the lack of necessary dental visits. Because poor oral hygiene is linked to heart disease, diabetes and even strokes, suffers of dental phobia may be causing more damage to their bodies than they might realize. If you live in Eugene, Oregon, contact Robert Rust Jr., DMD today to see how Dr. Robert Rust can help you overcome your dental phobia. So, call us today at 541-342-1072. Remember that we strive make you feel safe!