How Diet Can Affect Your Oral Health

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Our bodies are wonderful machines. They process an incredible variety of fuel (in the form of food) every day. And we know that what we put in them can affect our health and overall wellness. But did you know that your diet can also have a dramatic effect on your mouth? Keeping a good diet is important to keep up your vibrant smile.

The biggest culprit for diet-related tooth problems is sugar, which is a cause of tooth decay. Tooth decay is the most common chronic disease in children, and is a major problem in adults, too. When the plaque on your teeth comes in contact with sugar, acid attacks the teeth and causes erosion of enamel. This enamel does not grow back. This can lead to sensitive teeth and even cavities. So for this reason (among many others) consider limiting the sugar in your diet.

It is also important to get the full spectrum of nutrients from your diet. Deficiency in certain nutrients can lead to gum disease. Gum disease is particularly troublesome for people with diabetes, who often struggle recovering from infections. Gum disease also leads to tooth loss or decay.

Dental health can also be affected by when or how often you eat. Full meals are better than constant snacking, because more saliva is produced during a meal. This helps wash food from the mouth, and also protects teeth from acid.

A good diet is a goal we should all have, as well as a healthy mouth. Dr Robert Rust Jr., DMD wants to help you achieve all of your oral health goals. If you are in the Eugene, OR, area, give us a call. Eat healthy and, of course, always brush your teeth!