How does Cold Weather Affect our Teeth?

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With this cold weather upon us, we are being gently reminded just how much the cold can affect us. Temperatures can have a lot of affect on your teeth, especially when it comes to the extremes. You’ve probably always heard that chewing ice is bad for your teeth, but do you know why? The truth is, ice can fracture your teeth. Teeth can crack over time from chewing ice and other hard things (don’t use your teeth as tools!). If a tooth fracture extends all the way to the root, then the tooth would have to be extracted. Ice causes micro-fractures that you may not be able to see, that will worsen slowly over the years. So, take care not to chew ice so you don’t chip your tooth enamel! If you are ever craving something crunchy to chew on, try various nuts. They are crunchy, but soft enough to not damage your teeth.