Restoring a Lost Tooth with a Dental Implant

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The loss of a tooth can have serious ramifications on your oral health and physical appearance. In addition to your inability to chew your food, the surrounding teeth can start to move to inadequately fill the gap, leading to other complications.

In a case like this, our experienced dental team will often recommend having the lost tooth completely replaced with a dental implant in Eugene, Oregon and the surrounding communities of Springfield, Santa Clara, College Hill, and Amazon, Oregon.

The process of placing the implant starts by examining the area to make sure the surrounding bone structure is sufficient and healthy enough to anchor an implant. The posts in dental implants are actually made of titanium. This metal is known to be biologically safe and in time it will fuse to the jaw in a process known as osseointegration.

A narrow channel is made in your jawbone and the titanium post is screwed directly into the bone. Once the post has fused with the surrounding bone structure, your dentist, Dr. Robert Rust, can attach a connecting post and then restore the tooth with a standard crown.

If you have lost a tooth and you would like to know more about a dental implant, you should call our team at 541.342.1072 to set up a consultation.