Why Chewing Ice is Bad for your Teeth

Using your teeth as tools is tempting sometimes, but it causes damage that you can’t see right away. When you chew on ice, you are causing extreme temperature and pressure changes, thus creating micro-cracks in your tooth enamel. It can chip your teeth, as well as cause gum injury, too.... Read more »

Is Chocolate Good for your Teeth?

With Valentine’s Day in February, you might have received a delicious box of chocolates from your sweetie. Or maybe you just like to indulge in the occasional chocolate, regardless of Valentine’s Day. Well, did you know that chocolate can actually be good for your teeth? It’s true; your dentist is... Read more »

How does Cold Weather Affect our Teeth?

With this cold weather upon us, we are being gently reminded just how much the cold can affect us. Temperatures can have a lot of affect on your teeth, especially when it comes to the extremes. You’ve probably always heard that chewing ice is bad for your teeth, but do... Read more »

Happy Thanksgiving From Dr. Robert Rust, DMD

It’s that time of year again, and with it comes the delicious Thanksgiving meal. Turkey, casseroles, rolls, mashed potatoes – but then there are the sugary items. Pies, cakes, and sweetened cranberry sauce all contain large amounts of sugar. The bacteria that feed off of these sugars, S. mutans, thrive... Read more »